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Why the vibration sieve screen mesh blocking

 why the vibration screen blocking:
The vibration sieve screen surface of the vibrating screen is subjected to a straight reciprocating motion under the action of an exciter. The particles are ejected and dropped under the vibration of the sieve surface. The projectile and the falling are impacted on the sieve surface, so that the particles smaller than the sieve are , In order to achieve the size of the material according to the size of particles. There are many factors that affect the permeability of the material, but there are two main categories, one is the characteristics of the material itself, the second is the vibration screen structure.

After analysis, found that the reasons for the screening of vibrating sieve screen mesh is mainly due to the screening of fine materials in the material, these fine particle size and sieve size is relatively close, it is easy to stuck in the sieve, causing clogging; In addition, screening materials More humid, moist particles will be bonded to each other into a group attached to the screen surface, so that the screening process is difficult to complete. Material properties change more difficult, so the solution to the problem should also be mainly from the vibration screen structure, sieve structure and other aspects of the start.