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The composition of wedge wire screen basket

The wedge wire screen basket comprises an outer basket, inner basket, and ring sieve ring four parts; the sieve basket is sheathed in the outer basket inside a diameter and height are smaller than the outer diameter and height of the basket in the basket, in the top edge of the sieve basket is connected with a circular ring screen ring the edge of outer ring and the outer edge of the sieve basket in the screen wall connection; inside and outside the sieve basket bottom, respectively with the disc-shaped sieve tray is well connected. The dewatering centrifuge sieve basket assembly, suitable for vertical and horizontal centrifuge, the structure is reasonable and reliable,used it to washed coal was preferable,have large amount of treament, its is a good model to replace the imported washing centrifuge, it has a good market and economic value.
This new wedge wire screen basket , belonging to the coal washing basket. Both ends of the column, which are evenly distributed on the circumference are respectively fixed with the circular upper and lower frame welding, , and supporting lath column under uniform, lIn two adjacent columns between the diagonal reinforcement are welded on the upper, lower frame, mesh welded to the column and the support column is provided inside the slab, stop opening, the cross section is in the shape of a L, Screen net are connect with the end of the column, other side embedded in the supporting strip perpendicular to the screen and the columns are welded and fixed reinforcement at each end of a section of bent,under the frame is welded and fixed.The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, high strength, easy manufacture, long service life, is a good ideal in coal washing basket.
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