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Introduction of wedge wire screen product


1. The application of the trapezoidal (wedge) wire on the filter element forms a V-shaped opening between the screen slots. Due to the inherent advantages of this design, it can operate more efficiently than other types of filtration products, not only ensuring the smoothness of water filtration, but also the flow rate of the wedge-shaped filter water pipe is three times that of the bridge water filtration pipe in terms of work efficiency. It is 9 times the slotted water filter!
2. The structural advantages of the wound wire tube. According to the actual needs of the design of the longitudinal support rod arrangement, and the continuity of the screen tube form, so that the product has more
High compression resistance. The wedge wire is combined with all the longitudinal support rods by electric welding, which is durable, long working life and low overall cost.
3. The filter tube has a large gap range. According to the actual needs, the gap size of any screen between 0.02mm-60mm can be made to meet different application conditions.

Connection Type
Since the filter core is welded by metal wire, it can be connected by various connectors such as flanges and electric welding. Wide application range and low comprehensive cost.

1. All-welded wedge-shaped wire-wound wire screen can be customized according to customer's actual needs, different specifications and raw materials (mainly stainless steel and carbon steel), to ensure a reasonable investment and save production costs.
2. Screen joints can also be made according to different needs.
3. Non-stainless steel products can be formed into a protective layer by galvanizing. Beautiful and clean appearance.

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