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Characteristics of wedge wrapped wire screen

The wedge wrapped wire screen is widely used in oil, gas, wells and sand in the chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries is particularly important. Is a variety of oil, water recycling and collection of resin and other filter used in the filter screen used in the most widely used one.

The Johnson T-Shaped Silk Screen is made of the world's most advanced all-around welding process using a specially crafted stainless steel trapezoidal (wedge) wire wound in a circumferentially arranged set of longitudinal support rods to ensure its strength As well as the service life.

As a result of the full range of welding, not only to ensure that the product strictly continuous integrity, but also to the formation of the ideal gap size. Compared with the current domestic commonly used welding process, all-welded wedge wire around the screen tube, water pipe [1], water cap, water distributor, resin trap and sieve, with a smooth surface, no production edges and corners , No burr, even the gap does not leak grease characteristics.

Characteristics of wedge wrapped wire screen