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Wedge wire knowledge

  • What is wedge wire screen

    Wedge Wire Screen is a multi-functional screen that we are uniquely positioned to supply....


  • Application area of parabolic screen

    Parabolic screen-sieve bend screen, sometimes referred to as ˇ°side hillˇ±, are used for the removal of large insoluble material from an aqueous solution. Screens are used on process and waste water streams for particles that need to be removed to protect downstream systems. The screen can also be used for product recovery; large solids separation and mixed settleable solids for both municipal and industrial applications....


  • Why use the filter nozzle in industry

    The stainless steel filter nozzle is the steam-water recoil device of the water distribution system at the bottom of the filter tank. It can effectively flush out the sludge and impurities in the filter tank to ensure the normal operation of the water quality and water volume of the filter tank. ...


  • Whats is situation would be used the lauter tun screen

    Brewing beer requires a lot of steps before the final product can be achieved. One of the important steps in brewing beer is mashing....


  • What Are The Recommended Wedge Wire Filters Used For Various Industries

    Wedge wire filters are considered as one of the most dependable products when it comes to filtration and have been used in various industrial processes....


  • Various filter nozzle applications

    UBO can offer offer a full range of sand filter / gravity filter nozzles for water treatment plants, swimming pool filter systems, steel works and for potable water. We offer a choice of Nozzle types | Slot sizes | Thread stem bore | Stem length | Fitting accessories....


  • Structure of filter nozzle

    Typical nozzles are fabricated with a blind cap on one end and washer fixed with a threaded stem on the other end and can be secured with a nut and washer, usually installed in a vessel by an orifice plate....


  • Wedge wire water distributor application principle and features

    UBOˇ±s wedge wire water distributors are widely used in ion exchange equipment, media filters, sand filters, resin tanks, silicate filters, and tank equipment in the chemical industry and water treatment industries....


  • Why choose the wedge wire screen in your application

    Wedge wire is often recommended for its strength and cleaning ease. It can be supplied in many forms used in distribution/collection systems, nozzle and lateral configurations being the most common....


  • Various types of wedge wire products

    ,Wedge wire screen is a type of filtering screen, which is composed of profile wires and support rods. The profile wires are commonly triangle wire and the support wire of wedge wire screen can be triangle wire, round bar, flat wire or wedge wire. Wedge wire screen has various types and specs. The classification of wedge wire screen are mainly according to the shape of screen....


  • About of Sieve bend screen information

    The Sieve Bend is also known as a DSM Screen. Sieve Bend Screens are ideal for sizing and dewatering applications to remove solids from liquids, or in solid/solid separation for dry feed situations....


  • Lauter tun screen of beer equipment filter filtration

    ,Lauter tun of UBO brand is used for beer equipment, and presents greater challenges for time savings. We are looking to have a more good filtration effect, efficient extraction of the sugars all within a reasonable time frame. Bed loading, grist spectrum (grind), uniform distribution of the mash, design of the raking machine, wort collection system and false bottom all play their part in achieving the goals....


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